Outdoor Recreation Games for Youths

As a youth you will have bursts of energy that just want to be used up. Whether you are out camping or have decided to go for an outdoor trip on a weekend, engaging in games is one of the best ways to relax. If you have gone out for spiritual or a team-building retreat, engaging in outdoor recreation games will make your endeavor more satisfying.

Compared to the now rampant video games that youths are playing day-in day-out, these outdoor games are more helpful to the health of those who engage in them. Here are some games you can enjoy.

Photo source: Pinterest

Lion hunting

This game is ideal for a large group of youths and a vast area of play. One person acts as the lion while the rest of the group are the hunters. The ‘lion’ is equipped with peas in the pockets, tracking iron on the feet and lawn tennis balls in the hands. The tracking iron feet will serve to show the trail followed but when he or she comes to a grassy area, he/she should drop a few peas to show the trail.

The ‘lion’ leaves half an hour before the hunters can start the hunting. The latter are armed with tennis balls with which to hit the lion when spotted. The lion can run, creep about or do whatever else he/she desires. When the lion hits a hunter with a tennis ball, then that hunter should fall down and play dead. He/she cannot throw another tennis ball. On the other hand the lion needs to be hit at least three times so as to be considered dead else it is considered wounded. Once a tennis ball has been thrown it cannot be picked up and thrown again. However, remember to collect them after the game is over.

Seek and hide

A game best played in the dark, this will involve doing the opposite of the childhood hide-and-seek game. One person is chosen as the hider and allowed to hide. All the other players then have to find the hider and hide with him/her. The person who finds the hider last loses.