Important Hunting Gear

If you are going out hunting, then you need to know what to go with and what to leave behind. There are plenty of things that will make your life easier out in the jungle. At the same time, there is simply too much stuff you do not need and carrying it will only bog you down. You will need to makes a choice between what is a requirement and what counts as surplus.

Photo source: Pinterest

Here is a look at the most important hunting gear you will need to port around:

1. The right clothes

You will be out there in the jungle, exposed to all sorts of risks and potential exposure to extreme elements, which is why you might need to dress the part. If possible, find a head-to-toe sort of cover and try to stay away from camouflaged outfits. Sure, they will hide you from your prey but they also multiply the risk of other hunters seeing you as whatever prey they are hunting. Go with orange if possible-it works all the time.

2. Decoys

This depends mostly on what you are hunting. A good example of this strategy in play would be the sight of hunters carrying around duck lookalikes in a bid to encourage the prey to come out and play.

3.A reliable weapon

Again, it all depends on what you are hunting. If you are out on the lookout for moose, carry a moose shotgun but whatever you do, do not use the same weapon for birds. You are looking to snag a bird, not crush it to smithereens.

4. Something to entertain you

It is not always merry in the tall grass or canopies. Sometimes you might need something to keep the time moving while you attempt to wait out on the prey. Throw a deck of cards into your bag and use it to fill in the downtime.