Best boating Tips

No matter how good or bad you are in handling boats, environmental factors, unfamiliarity and unforeseen accidents can take place any time. Therefore, it is vital for everyone to review boating safety rules and tips to avoid such accidents. The following article outlines the best boating tips that will help you stay safe.

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· Check the weather conditions before departure

It is prudent to be weather wise when you are out there. Check the weather conditions before departure and if there are any darkening clouds, volatile changing winds or a sudden drop in temperature, take precaution and get off the water.

· Follow a pre departure checklist every time

This ensures that you do not overlook any safety rules or precautions outlined in the pre departure checklist.

· Designate an assistant skipper

Ensure that there is at least one person in the boat who is familiar with all the aspects of the boat and can take over the boat handling just in case the main navigator is incapacitated in any way.

· Have a float plan

Whether you let a friend, family member or a staff at the marina, ensure that there is someone else who knows your float plan including where you are going and what time you will be back.

· Make use of the lifejackets

Most of drowning victims results form not wearing lifejackets. Therefore, ensure that everyone onboard wears a well fitting lifejacket before departure.

· Avoid alcohol

The possibility of being involved in a boating accident doubles when you take alcohol. According to research, wind and sun accelerates the effects of alcohol hence should be avoided when boating.

· Know how to swim

If you are going to be around water, one of the major safety precaution is to know how to swim.

· Take a boating class

Beginner boaters as well as the experienced ones should be familiar with the rules of operating a boat. In a boating course, you will learn boating safety rules and how to react to different circumstances that may arise when boating.

· Consider a boat safety check

Have your boat checked regularly by a specialist for any conditions that may pose a risk to your when you are out boating. A boat specialist also give you helpful safety tips and the precautions to take when boating.