An Inside Look at Choosing the Right Fishing Rod

If you’re not familiar with fishing rods or if you’re to choose anything a little more accurate than what you currently have to work with, then you’ll want to start paying close consideration to the different attributes of the rods of fishing that are on the market.

Let’s go over some of those attributes now and look at how they can impact your choice.

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If you’ve spent much time looking at fishing equipment, you probably already know that the rods come in a wide variety of sizes. What an individual may not realize is that the rod size he choose can have an impact on the kind of fishing he can do well. For instance, if you require to make long casts then you’re heading to be looking for longer rods. If you ‘re wanting a heavier line, possibly to catch bigger fish, then you should focus on shorter rods.

Furthermore, if you are interested in doing bottom fishing, then you’ll seemingly require sticking to a shorter rod. These just work better for that type of casting. If you’re to be using lures or if you simply have a hard time casting, you may require to choose a longer rod because it will make both of these steps easier.


Another important factor when selecting the right fishing rods are the guides. The guides allow the line to move as you want it to. That means your guides will have a significant impact on the smoothness of your casting and reeling. Of course, guides made from certain materials can raise the prize of the rod so you may require to find a balance between cost and smoothness. The best choice is going to be ceramic guides. These are silent and smooth. You’ll also have fewer problems with line fraying and long casting.

The cheaper choices are usually stainless steel. They’ll get the job done but will not provide the same high-quality results as ceramics. These do work well, however, for shorter rods and bottom fishing rods when long casting is not such an important issue.


Even the most experienced fishers tend to overlook the importance of taper when it is time to choosing fishing rods. Taper, also sometimes called an action, is how much the rod bends under pressure. The greater the bend, the more difficult casting and baiting can be. In general, a slow taper will result in a lower priced rod.

At the other end of the scale, you’ll find the extra fast taper which causes only the upper part of the rod to bend. These are very flexible pieces of fishing devices which work well for lots of fish but also cost lots of money.

Comparing Fishing Rods

When you’re ready to make a purchase or do some comparison shopping, online stores can be good choices because of their extensive selection and because of the convenience of comparing from home.