3 Best Fishing Apps

Fishing is one of the most popular outdoor activities and if you are among those who are hooked to fishing, then you have a box full of fishing gear to help you catch some fish. There is a chance that you do not consider your smartphone as part of the fishing gear and you should. Whether it is to help improve your fishing skills, find the perfect fishing hole, share the catch with other anglers or determine the best time to wet a line, there is a mobile app that will help you achieve this. The following are the 3 best fishing apps with useful fishing information, tips and tricks.

Photo source: Pinterest

· ReelPhoto

ReelPhoto fishing app is basically an instagram like app but for fishing only. You can post fishing pictures, edit them, follow other anglers and like their pics as well as comment on their posts. The main of using this app is that you should only post fishing related products.

· FishBrain

This fishing app allows you to post your fishing pics as well as see where other anglers fishing from and it even tells you the best tides and the best time of the day to catch the biggest fish.

You can set up this app in such a way that you receive alerts to your email when another angler catches a big fish near you.

· FindMeFish

This app allows you to buy nice fishing spots in your area using GPS. The fishing guides uploads the best fishing spots, sets a price for the spot and if you are interested, you can buy and reduce the time you would have taken to find a good fishing spot near you.

If you are a regular angler or if you just go fishing to get away from your busy schedule, you should not ignore using the above fishing apps. It will certainly wrong to assume that they cannot help you catch more fish and save you lots of time.