Review: Statik Selektah & Termanology Are 1982

Massachusetts hip hop vets Statik Selektah (Dj/Producer) and Termanology (Emcee) come together once again to form 1982. We reviewed their newest release “2012” which will be available May 22.

The production on this album by Statik Selektah is superb. One word that would describe the overall tone of the album, from a production standpoint, is smooth. Every track resonates that vibe.  Drum-light, soulful, smooth beats make a great segue for Termanology to lay down his verses.

In terms of lyrical content, we get the feeling that Termanology dug deep and did some soul-searching for this one. The tone of the album seems to be an expression of his tussles with the industry, friendships, life in general and more. However, he’s careful to paint that silver lining on the proverbial cloud with uplifting and inspirational verses.

“Right Now” gives you the feeling of being in church. With not only that sound, but we hear Term preaching about the evils of the industry, the decline of the culture of hip hop, and how easy it is for his significantly less-talented peers to “get by” in the music world today. Kind of makes you wanna holler “Amen”. He then shifts gears with “Happy Days” which features appearances by Mac Miller & Bun B (with hooks courtesy of Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman) in which they all show not only adoration for their fans, but gratitude for where they are in their respective careers. He flexes his lyrical prowess on tracks like “2012” and “Time Ticking”. One track that made us laugh one second and well up with tears the next was “Time Traveling”. This is an emotionally gripping song where Termanology speaks of what he would do if he could go back in time and whose lives he would touch if he could.

We have one minor issue with this album, which is that we wish Lil Fame was on 2012 instead of Live it Up. Reason being that his vocals are so powerful and we feel would have been better matched on 2012. Overall, this is a masterfully crafted album both in terms of production and lyricism. A perfect soundtrack for the upcoming summer season and beyond.



For More Information please visit:!/StatikSelekt!/TermanologyST!/BrickRecords96





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