Gensu Dean’s album “Lo-Fi Fingahz” is Out Now via Mello Music Group!

Gensu Dean’s album “Lo-Fi Fingahz” is Out Now via Mello Music Group!  The album features production entirely from Gensu Dean with vocal features from Large Professor, Roc Marciano, Brand Nubian, Prince Po, DMC of Run D.M.C., and others.  Today, we’re leaking one of my favorite tracks from the album, featuring David Banner, for the song “Alice In Wonderland.”
Gensu Dean ft. David Banner “Alice In Wonderland” MP3 Download Link:
Gensu Dean “Lo-Fi Fingahz” Out Now via Mello Music Group!
Gensu Dean stormed into 2012, signing to Mello Music Group,  releasing his first single with Roc Marciano ¥en, then following  up with a video featuring the legendary Large Professor, and today releases his second single Alice In Wonderland featuring David Banner.  All three tracks can be found on Dean’s debut record “Lo-Fi Fingahz” which is out eveyrwhere now on cd, vinyl, and digitally via Mello Music Group.


Gensu Dean and David Banner aren’t new to working together though.  The two friends first linked a number of years ago when Dean laid the production for David Banner’s Priority Records debut on the now famous track “Grey Skies“.  The two also worked together on the Ill Relatives record “Cold Cold World.”  Today David Banner returns the favor by being a part of Gensu Dean’s debut album Lo-Fi Fingahz.


The Track: Alice In Wonderland
The Production:
Alice was produced on the famed SP1200 that Dean loves both because of the challenge (10 second sample time) and the sound (rugged and gritty).  This time Dean chose a funky blues guitar, a driving back beat, climbing bassline, and solid claps to go along with what sounds like Alice in moaning in climax throughout the track.


The Narrative:
David Banner tells two stories over the course of 2 verses.  In the first verse, Alice is a woman locked up emotionally in a world shaded by past sexual abuse.  Like a few, Alice believes her power lies in exploiting her sexuality to control men, opening her legs in exchange for them opening their wallets.  Banner acknowledges her beauty “baby you hot like hades”, but then looks beyond the surface and retorts “I know he broke your trust, I know you cried for help, your mother thought you was lying, left you all by yourself, come here and take my hand, don’t want to be your man, just want to help you find your place off in this wonderland.”


The second verse starts in with a nod to Outkast‘s “Art of Storytellin” this time with Heather Humper hoppin’ in & out of cars sleepin’ with stars.  When Banner tries to offer an alternative, Heather replies: “Can’t save me ni&&a cause my soul been dead.”  The track then closes with what might be the best line of the track: “Sometimes your dreams don’t come true, because God knew they’d be a nightmare.”  Enjoy the song and feel free to share.

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