Our Interview with Keston Karter: Actor & Model

CRM: For those who don’t know who you are please tell us about yourself?

KK: For those who don’t know me, my name is Keston Karter. I am a model/actor.

CRM: What’s the one thing you hate the most about the business?

KK: Hate is a strong word. I would rather use the word dislike. if there is one thing in particular I dislike about the entertainment business is the lack of work right now. the opportunities are few and far between. which makes for a certain level of uncertainty for an up and coming actor or model.

CRM: Any advice for up and comers?

KK: The most important advice that was given to me, was from hill harper. he said, “remain consistent, but make sure you learn from your mistakes”. I found this piece of advice true and if I were to give anyone advice I would pass that statement on to them.

CRM: How do you deal with the attention that you get?

KK: How do I deal with the attention I get?? interesting question. through out your career you receive more exposure the more work you do. with exposure comes attention. when the attentions come it lets me know that I am doing something right. therefore motivating me to keep doing what im doing or kick it up a notch.

CRM: What are you working on now?

KK: Currently working on a 2012 calendar and in negotiations to do an independent film.
CRM: Do you have any other talents you don’t advertise?

KK: Do I have an other talents that I don’t advertise. Well, I’m pretty good with my hands. I know how to fix cars, pretty well versed in multiple aspects of construction work. I use to be a barber, so I know how to cut hair. lol

CRM: Since you are in really good shape, are there any plans for a workout video or diet book?

KK: Thank you for the compliment. however I don’t have any upcoming plans for a workout video or a diet book. although I wouldn’t be against doing either.

CRM: What personality traits do you think have helped you get this far in your career?

KK: A couple of personality traits that I feel has helped me in my career is drive, perseverance, and last but not least optimism!


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